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Senate Estimates Committee Search


Senate estimates committee search requirement is:
To search for a keyword across the following entities:
Senate Estimates Committees (a type of committee - will be a new
Hansard for estimates committee hearings (dataset: estimates)
Reports for estimates committees (currently commrep dataset, may
change to new dataset as this one is a crawl of the current site)
Questions on Notice from estimate committee hearings (new dataset)
Any result from this search is to be rendered as a committee entity, whilst
the original match may not be. This raises the following issues:
  • Context (usability) - if you find the keyword in one of the 'child'
    entities, it may not be clear how the parent committee entity was a match if
    the keyword is not found in it also
  • Aggregation and de-duplication (implementation) - whilst searching for a
    term across multple entities many related items may be returned. These must
    be combined into a single result within the result set. This could be a
    performance issue.